Baelii XLR8 is here to introduce you a range of Nu sensations. It's is an internal vibe that delivers pleasure using a combination of three unique features: an extra-flexible , a curved precision tip, and our XLR8 Technology that delivers an on-demand power boost.

Let's start with its flexibility. Because no two bodies are the same, Baelii works with your natural shape to ensure total comfort. Next up is Baelii's specially designed tip. It's and size are just right to help you easily target the G-Spot. Finally, there's the turbo-boost of XLR8 Technology – an option that pushes Baelii's vibration power up to a mind-blowing 9,000 RPM for 12 seconds. It's there when you're ready – whether it's to get the party started, to finish on an extra high note, or anywhere in between!

Of course, all that is IN ADDITION to Baelli's already unbelievable power. Thanks to our proprietary design that distributes the vibration uniformly across the full surface of the toy – allowing you to enjoy Baelii's sensational stimulation in any position. It's 100% waterproof and features 15 vibration patterns, a long-lasting, rechargeable and a silky silicone exterior. You won't find another vibrator quite like Baelii!

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